Become a Volunteer with The Saoirse Foundation

One of the key factors in our success in delivering The Saoirse Foundation’s services to critically ill children across Ireland is our volunteers. By volunteering your time and/or services, you will empower us to do so much more. Even the smallest time or money contribution can make a huge difference. Just by getting out there and talking about The Saoirse Foundation makes a difference, because even more people will learn about the sick children who need our help.

• make a donation
• organise an event
• fundraise
• participate in a challenge
• organise a run/walk 5K/10K
• organise a dog walk
• organise a bake sale

Get in touch
We are always on the lookout for fun, enthusiastic volunteers to help us deliver smiles to Ireland’s sickest children. Please click here to let us know how you wish to volunteer your time, talents and ideas.