LIAM’S LODGE  will provide a unique opportunity  to provide specialised on-site training packages for care givers, medical professionals and trainees and not forgetting the children’s personal and special needs assistants with the skills required for helping children affected by Genetic & Rare Disorders & high dependency caring.


We are at an advanced stage in discussions with distinguished third level institutions and state bodies, who will partner with our organisation to provide accredited training certification in the specialised field of genetic and rare disorders, of which there are over 6000 different types. We will also provide courses competency re-validations for those who require them.

Rare Disease affects between 6-8% of the population, that’s up-to 366,000 individuals, 70% of which are children, that’s approximately 200,000 kids, so there is a huge need for our services in Ireland.

“There is no doubt that Liam’s Lodge will provide a bright light for families affected by genetic & rare disorders. The facility’s unique model to provide respite care to the family as a unit, in addition to providing on-site training for care-providers and medical professionals will increase the awareness of the many genetic & rare diseases to clinicians, future doctors and medical trainees, giving them a greater appreciation of the challenges and difficulties that patients and families experience in all areas of their lives”

Dr Paula Byrne, Senior Lecturer, Medical Sciences

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